Set all values as default for a variable in a filter in OBIEE

How to select all values as a default for a variable in a filter?

When a report is filtered by variable values we need to either make sure that the variable is populated with prompted values or variable’s default value is set. Otherwise the report will bring no results:

OBIEE no results with variable not populated

To resolve that we need to set the ‘All column values’ default value for the variable. This selection is represented in OBIEE for variables with % as a default value. Add a new filter condition, click on Add More Options, select a variable type (Session Variable, Repository Variable or Presentation Variable), in Variable Expr field specify the name of the variable and in (default) field add the percentage sign (%) :

OBIEE all variable values

Click on OK. The filter condition will appear with a percentage sign (%) as the variable’s default value:

OBIEE all variable values in filter

With this condition even when variable is not populated the report will run with all column values.