Nest folders in Presentation Layer in OBIEE

How to create sub folders in Presentation Layer?

This can be done in Oracle BI Administration Tool by adding them in Child Presentation Tables tab in presentation layer table Properties.


Until OBIEE there were two ways to nest single level of folders in Presentation Layer:

– By adding a hyphen ( – ) before table name in presentation table Properties:


– By adding an arrow ( -> ) at the beginning of presentation table Description:


This method allowed for one level of table nesting. After the OBIEE update, table nesting is managed in presentation table Properties under new, Child Presentation Tables tab:


Simply add child tables using green plus icon. You can specify child tables for every presentation table, so this allows for multiple levels of nesting.


You can see that Office Geo Codes are a Child Presentation Table for Office Regions, which is reflected in folder structure as a second level of nesting: