Display custom message in No Results view in OBIEE

How to change or remove the No Results message in OBIEE?

When the results of an analysis return no data, the following default message is displayed to users:


We can modify the No Results view, by adding custom message or more explanation on the use of report or hints on how to filter values.  We can also change it’s visual formatting.

To do that, go to Results tab and click on Edit Analysis Properties:


In Analysis Properties change the No Results Settings to Display Custom Message:


In the No Results view we can add custom HTML and CSS styles, so even very complex pages with links, images etc. can be created. We will change the default message by adding report Header, changing the custom message its text formatting and hiding the Refresh button. We will use the p selector to change the paragraph text to grey, specify the Header (ErrorTitle class) font size and color and hide the Edit / Refresh links (ResultLinksCell class) using display:none property.

Here’s our custom No Results Settings with custom styles and message:


If you choose Display Custom Message, but leave blank fields for Header and Message, the No Results view would display nothing but Edit / Refresh links (which you can also remove using CSS display:none property)

This is how the No Results view will look like after our changes:


Because by default there is no button to go back from the No Results view, you can add a custom button to go back to report using HTML.