Add total in a chart using Calculated Items in OBIEE

How to add an additional category for the total to a graph in OBIEE?

Sometimes in the requirements you need to present a breakdown of values by categories and their total on one chart. In the example below this is done for horizontal bar graph, but it can be done for any graph using the Calculated Items feature.

OBIEE Chart Example

So we have a chart with separate bar for each category and we want to add one more, for total:

OBIEE report example

Edit the Graph view and click on New Calculated Item icon (OBIEE New Calculated Item Icon) on the toolbar:

Add total category to a graph in OBIEE

Select which column will be used in Values From. Select Sum as the aggregation Function and add Display Label for the total category. In the Available box you will see all the column values. Move them to Selected box using Move All double arrow icon ( OBIEE Move All Objects Icon ):

Add total category to a graph in OBIEE

Click OK. The Year Total category is now added as an additional bar to the graph:

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Report Example

At this point is worth to note that the Calculated Items feature allows you to add more categories with different formulas and aggregation rules to reports. The calculated items you added to the report can be then edited or removed in Selection Steps pane.

You can find some more documentation onĀ Working with Groups and Calculated Items in the official OBIEE 11g documentation: